Veterans Are

highly disciplined, hard working and accustomed to overcoming obstacles - all great skills that can translate into becoming a successful Realtor®. At Iowa Realty we understand that many veterans also face challenges reentering the workforce after serving our country. For that reason, we’ve decided to launch the Iowa Realty Veterans to Realtors® Program.

Iowa Realty will help you get into the business by covering start up costs through the Veterans to Realtors®Program. In addition, Iowa Realty will cover the first six months of technology fees.

We Want You To Succeed.

We offer professional development courses throughout your first year to help you succeed. The following courses are offered free of charge to our new agents:

  • Orientation and Business Development
  • MLXchange
  • Financing
  • Business Manager Part 1
  • Business Manager Part 2

In addition to our continuing education classes, each of our offices is run by a professional real estate broker happy to assist you in any way they can.

You receive the opportunity to get started in a possibly lucrative and exciting career as a Realtor® at minimal expense, and Iowa Realty will be there along the way, helping you succeed.

Iowa Realty Is

Iowa’s largest real estate brokerage firm. Established in 1952, Iowa Realty’s strong brand image immediately enhances your marketability. Our yard signs dominate the landscape and reinforce brand recognition – creating a level of credibility that customers appreciate and competitors can’t touch.

When you become an Iowa Realty sales professional, you become the face representing our company. Expecting an unmatched level of professionalism from our agents, we support them with unprecedented marketing, unbeatable support, innovative technology, practical tools and superior training opportunities – all designed to boost their earning power.

We recognize the challenges of being a Realtor® and we reward those who succeed with exciting events and tangible rewards. In fact, that’s why Iowa Realty agents consistently earn more.

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Are you

a returning veteran who is highly motivated, disciplined and enjoys working in a team atmosphere? Do you enjoy overcoming obstacles? If so, we would love for you to join the Iowa Realty team.

Take part in the Iowa Realty

Veterans to Realtors® Program

Call or email Michelle Kelley, 515-453-5596, for more information on upcoming Iowa Realty Career Nights.