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Iowa Realty will help you get into the business by covering most of your start-up costs through the Veterans to Realtors Program.

Veterans are highly disciplined, hard working and accustomed to overcoming obstacles — all great skills that can translate into becoming a successful Realtor. At Iowa Realty we understand that many veterans also face challenges reentering the workforce after serving our country. For that reason, we’ve decided to launch the Iowa Realty Veterans to Realtors Program.

We Want You To Succeed

We offer professional development courses throughout your first year to help you succeed. We offer a wide range of  continuing education classes for free. In addition to our continuing education classes, each of our offices is run by a professional real estate broker happy to assist you in any way they can.

You receive the opportunity to get started in a possibly lucrative and exciting career as a Realtor at minimal expense, and Iowa Realty will be there along the way, helping you succeed.

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